• Ultimate Guard - Multi Tokens(Pack of 25) - UGD011319

Missing the correct Zombie-Token to prepare your lethal attack? Need something to count the cards which have already been played during the game? Or just doodling while your opponent takes forever for his turn? Here you go! With our Multi Tokens, you will always have the right answer.

Customizable and reusable in combination with dry-erase markers, these standard sized tokens are made of high-quality playing card board for long-lasting durability and multiple uses. Scribble, draw, count and erase with our Ultimate Guard Multi Tokens.

- Customizable, reusable dry-erase cards
- Use as token, score pad, note pad, scribble board
- Great reusability with a dry-erase marker
- Standard sized cards (63 x 88 mm)
- High quality, durable playing card board with glossy foil
- Made in Germany
- Reusable: Combine a dry-erase marker with a dry towel for an effort-less cleaning of your token.
- Sleevable: Use a wet-erase marker for more resistant scribbles or if you want to sleeve your tokens. To reuse, just clean them with a wet towel or add a few drops of cleaning alcohol.
- Make it permanent: It's in the name! With a permanent marker, your artwork will last for eternity.

Ultimate Guard - Multi Tokens(Pack of 25) - UGD011319

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